Saturday, 7 June 2014

Walking my dog

There is depth in this photo because the different colours and tone recede into the picture. The objects in the foreground such as the palm trees and the the traffic light poles are a lot darker then the mosk and the building which is part of the background. The depth in this image was a result of the sun and its angle on the different objects. The two traffic light poles which come into the picture at different angles also create depth because they bring you into the photo.  I also took the picture so that the sun is in the middle so that the rays escaped all throughout the picture creating a contrast on either side. For example, the right side of the picture is quite light as well as the rays from the sun creating spotted light on the left side. The lights of the traffic lights also helped to equal out the light throughout the picture. Negative space is visible in this photo, because of the fact that the right side of the picture is free of objects except for the line of the traffic pole. A big part of the negative space in this picture is the sun. The sun is releasing rays which are directed to the left, which lead through the more crowded area of the photo. The background helps to set up this picture because the sun washes out some of the colours which helps create depth. The sun also makes the darker objects in the picture appear as silhouettes rather then detailed, which helps elaborate on the focus of the image. I also used the rule of thirds to construct this image. For example the building on the left side of the image lies on the first third. The mosk top in the middle of the picture is also in the second third of the picture. To take this picture I took into consideration certain aspects of consideration such as perspective, negative space, angle, rule of thirds, foreground and background, and depth. 
I framed this picture so that the plants looked bigger then they actually were. I also shot into the light to create interesting colours throughout the picture. 

This picture is my edited version of the picture above this one. I used the Iphoto editing options to do this and I messed around with saturation, boost, and the darker, lighter, and contrast bottons. 
This picture has depth in it because of the way the pillar is angled. I took it from worms eye view to make it look like the pillar was going into the picture. 

In this picture I used the light to create silhouttes. I did this so that the road and the light dots would be the main part of the picture. 

There is also depth in this picture because of the way it is angled. I took it bending down so that you know that the road and the petals goes on and doesn't just stop where the picture does. 

I took this picture mainly because of the light. I also tried to make it so that there was a contrast between line and  blurryness. 

This picture was framed so that the curve in the wood would math the curve of the beach. 

What I was looking for when I took this picture was the contrast between the light of the merry go round and the blackness of the sky and surrondings. 
This picture shows movement. I was trying to capture the rush of the water as it goes down the steps. 

This picture is an example of detail. There are two differnt textures and they are the smoothness of the leaves and the grittiness of the dirt. 

Symettry is kind of in this picture as the trees on either side look alike. I also used the light to create silhouette shapes and darker colours. 

My goal for this picture was to get the two people to be the main focus, to do this I used the light to cast a sun ray onto them. 

This picture shows depth because of not onlt the people walking also the angle. I used the line of the barrier to help walk you into and through the picture. 

This picture shows perspective, I took it from below so that the rod looked almost as big as the sun shade, when it actual fact the sun shade was a lot bigger then the rod. 

My goal for this picture which is similar to my other picture was to capture the light as well as to get darker silhouettes instead of more detailed and exposed objects. 

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

5 Blogs Which Use Creative Commons

Black & White Photography - Darcy

For my Black and White Photography project Darcy was my model. During the interview where we learnt about how the other person wanted their picture taken I learnt that Darcy didn't like picture been taken of her face. The first image which is taken through the window, shows Darcy as a blurry figure, almost like a shadow. We did this on purpose so that we could show viewers her dislike of pictures from her face. The next two pictures also show her in action of walking down stair her head and eyes pointed down. We did end up with two portraits of Darcy's face at the bottom, but we staged it so that she wasn't looking directly at the camera.